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Policy Development

I have over ten years experience in long range planning and policy development and have played an intrical pat in award winning policy with the City of Ventura and Santa Barbara County.

I have worked on creation and implementation of climate action strategies and have been apart of projects that help meet California's goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As an increasing number of California communities develop plans to address climate change at a local level, I seek to be at the forefront at developing realistic actions and strategies that will ensure our communities are doing their part to protect the global climate and ensure healthy communities for future generations.


Permit Processing

I processed complex development permits for local jurisdictions. In the private sector I have prepared project applications and CEQA documents for processing large solar energy generating facilities. I have prepared and presented numerous reports to design review committees, planning commissions, city councils, and board of supervisors. I am detailed oriented and possess a critical eye for high architectural and design standards. I have written development codes and have the ability to interpret and become familiar with new zoning ordinances. I also have experience in working the public permit counter guiding project applicants, interpreting local zoning codes, and answering planning related questions.



My knowledge and experience in GIS has allowed me to be a leader in my field. I provide the technical expertise needed to accomplish some of the largest and complex tasks in an efficient and cost effective manner. I received my formal GIS training from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Department of Geography. Since then I have become an expert in utilizing my GIS and cartographic skill set in the field of planning. My experience includes ESRI products ArcView, ArcGIS, ArcIMS, and Spatial Analyst as well as ERDAS Imagine and Google SketchUp GIS integration.


Environmental Review

My environmental review experience includes preparation of initial studies, negative declarations, and having worked on several complex Environmental Impact Reports. My research techniques and GIS knowledge has allowed me be a leader in innovative ways of collecting and analyzing urban and technical data for use in environmental review. My experience has also allowed me to effectively manage technical consultants by having a in depth understanding of project descriptions.


Civic Engagement

A plan that actively and sincerely engages and involves the community is critical for a successful project outcome. In my experience with managing contentious community development projects, an open and transparent form of public communication has been the key to garnering community support. I have organized and facilitated dozens of community workshops, charrettes, expos, and presented information to the community in their neighborhoods and in their homes. I am also familiar with the Brown Act and Roberts Rules of Order..


Technical Expertise

Aside from my technical experience in GIS, I possess and wide range of knowledge and expertise with additional computer software and hardware products. I am an expert in basic office software including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. I am also proficient in Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project and Adobe CS Suite of Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Dreamweaver. In fact, I created this website using Dreamweaver with graphical help from Photoshop and Illustrator. I also have hands on working knowledge of Google Sketchup and Google Earth projects and various permit processing databases.